I grew up thinking church was boring and God was mean. I believed the best story was one where I gave my life to athletics, money, and popularity. My dream was to make as much money as possible to have as much fun as possible. Despite a new car, brand name clothes, and popularity, I was lonely, void of purpose, and did not like the story I was living.

Jesus became my passion in senior year of high school when my world fell apart. I met Jesus at a church camp. During a service, I experienced God’s presence for the first time and Jesus began a big work in me. That next year, I spent time everyday in prayer, God’s word, and telling my friends about Jesus. I would bring my friends to church, but they would not come back. I loved Jesus but still didn’t like church.

The following summer, at the Desperation Youth Conference God spoke to me and called me into ministry. I gave up my dream of college football and spent the next 4 years pursuing a bible degree. For the first time, I believed I was living a better story than the one first dreamed. During those years, I married my beautiful wife Johna and we became ministry partners and began reaching the next generation.

My senior year of college, my wife and I began attending LifeMission Church. This church was amazing! I never knew church could be like that. Worship was powerful, preaching was relevant, and people’s lives were being transformed. For the first time I was apart of a church that my unchurched friends would want to come back to, and did. After college, we joined a church plant in Iowa were we started and served their student ministry for 5 years.

Between those two great churches, God put a burden in our hearts to one day plant a church. We eventually went back to LifeMission Church and served on staff in many different roles. We had served in youth ministry for 10 years when God spoke to us again about planting a church.

We shared that vision with our senior pastor as well as some mentors in our lives. They confirmed that the time was coming for us to begin to prepare. Johna and I went on dates and spent late nights praying, reading about church planting, listening to podcasts, and dreaming about what this church would be. We felt the Lord leading us to South Florida and went on a road trip to ask God for a city. Through some crazy God moments, we knew God’s plan for Vibrant Church would begin in Plantation, a suburb of Miami.

We know God is preparing a team to pray for, give to, and move with us to start this new church. We firmly believe God is going to do miracles as this team joins together to serve, reach, and love the city of Miami. We look forward to seeing how God uses Vibrant Church for decades to come and we invite you join in helping people live a better story.